Holy Scripture

New Dynamic Translation

Contemporary translation in the Polish language for ordinary readers

The dynamic translation

This translation offers the essence and the main content of the Biblical message without the traces of historical forms. It is the only translation of that kind available in the Polish language.

Meeting contemporary readers where they are

The New Dynamic Translation lets ordinary readers get the maximum objective understanding of the Bible MESSAGE.

Faithful to the Bible message

Consistent with the idea behind the dynamic translation method, NPD has been edited to include both literal and interpretative texts. Each such choice is backed by an in-depth analysis of the context of biblical hermeneutics. This makes the New Dynamic Translation faithful to the contents of God’s Word.

When I first heard the Psalms in this translation read by Mr. Seweryn, I immediately thought to incorporate these audio sessions into our meetings. The response was excellent. The gentle music creates a nice mood while our eyes follow the text of God’s Word!
I would like to thank the publisher and recommend it to anyone!
Piotr Herman


The new translation of the Psalms managed to avoid solutions that are too experimental while preserving many features characteristic for the Polish psalter language. It also managed to borrow from those elements of the contemporary Polish language which are too often “polluted” by excessive colloquiality.
Prof. Stanislaw Koziara, Ph.D.
Department of Cultural Linguistics and Social Communication
of the KEN Pedagogical University in Cracow
The New Dynamic Translation of the Books of Psalms is among the best in the Polish language. It communicates the message in a clear, natural, and accurate way while preserving its poetic, artistic and down-to-earth style. What we have here is a very good representation of the original.
prof. Andrzej Zaborski, Ph.D.
Institute of Oriental Studies
of the Jagiellonian University


The Dynamic Translation of the letter to Romans is an innovative initiative which lets readers immerse into and understand this New Testament book. I think that this publication should be recommended not only to those who rarely read the Bible, but to practically everyone.
Prof. Leszek Zaremba
Vistula University, Warsaw
A long-time editor of the global journal
“Mathematical Reviews.”

Support the proclamation of the Good News of Rescue in Christ

The concept of publishing the message of God’s Word in this version was born out of contacts with ordinary people who repeatedly expressed the need to have a more communicative translation of the Bible, i.e. one that would be understandable not only for specialists studying ancient languages, biblical scholars or exegetes, but also for ordinary readers.